UFC Octagon Girls – Arianny Celeste, Ali Sonoma, and Rachelle Leah

The lovely women who help everyone remember what round is coming up at a UFC event are called UFC Octagon Girls. The Ultimate Fighting Championship Octagon girls are extraordinary.

UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste

Arianny Celeste: UFC Octagon Girl

Arianny Celeste: UFC Octagon Girl

Making her home in Las Vegas (home of the UFC), UFC Octagon girl Arianny Celeste is an exotic beauty who stands 5’5” and weighs 105 lbs. Her first modeling gig came when she was four years old, as she was selected to pose for a car seat advertisement. Things really picked up when she was 13, and she’s been a professional ever since. She’s been seen in print and television commercials, as well as acting as a spokesmodel and tradeshow hostess.

Her hobbies include singing, shopping and working out. Her favorite television show is Friends, and her favorite foods are chicken and pasta. She lists her ideal guy as being funny with a great smile. Her ultimate career goal is to own her own medical esthetician business.

She obviously leaves UFC fans with their tongues hanging out, but she also has that effect on some of the fighters – sometimes even while they’re in the ring! For example, UFC welterweight Josh Burkman was in the middle of a bout with Chad Reiner. Reiner was trying to sink in a choke hold, and Burkman was on the ground trying to review his options. As Burkman gazed out into the crowd, he claimed that his eyes met those of Arianny.

“I saw her and I thought to myself, ‘I can’t let myself get choked out in front of her,’” he said. “I had to figure something to do.”

Luckily for Burkman, the inspiration he drew from Arianny helped him weather the storm and win a unanimous decision. A few weeks later, he asked her on a date and they later became a couple.

Beautiful, talented and possessing the ability to inspire men towards great deeds – that’s Arianny Celeste.

UFC Octagon Girl Ali Sonoma

Ali Sonoma

Ali Sonoma

Standing 5’7”, weighing 117 lbs. and measuring 34B-24-34, this blue-eyed St. Louis native turns head wherever she goes. Coming from a large family, UFC Octagon Girl Ali Sonoma combines German, French, Swedish and Native American bloodlines into one very appealing package.

She started modeling at 16, and her career has been non-stop ever since. When she’s not working, she enjoys playing indoor soccer, shooting shotguns, fishing, rollerblading, dancing, and doing yoga and pilates.

Her favorite music consists of OutKast and Bob Marley, while her number one television show is Sex and the City. When she’s eating, Ali loves to dig into any kind of seafood. From King Crab legs and oysters to sea bass and shrimp, she loves it all.

Her career goals include traveling the world, being a successful model and actress, getting a Master’s degree (she already has an Associate of Arts Degree), and working with charities which benefit victims of domestic abuse. She’s been linked at some point with Diego Sanchez.

UFC Octagon Girl Rachelle Leah

Standing 5’8” and weighing 115 lbs., Rachelle Leah is a former Octagon Girl and current host of UFC’s All Access. The native of San Carlos, California, has also appeared in such magazines as Maxim, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Stuff and Playboy (not nude, though).

Rachelle started modeling as a hobby, but it turned into a career when she was 18. She quickly went from modeling swimsuits to appearing on Last Call with Carson Daly, Nick and Jessica’s Family Christmas and the WB Morning Show. She also appeared in an independent film called “Vegas, Baby.” One of the other performers in that film just so happened to be Chuck Liddell.

Rachelle Leah

Rachelle Leah

One night, she agreed to help out a friend by acting as a ring card girl at a boxing event. She was so popular with the crowd that her photo ended up displayed on the promotion’s website, and that’s when she came to the attention of UFC trainer James Pena. He told her that the company was looking for a new Octagon Girl, and he urged her to apply. A short time later, the job was hers.

Besides UFC’s All Access, she has also appeared on or hosted the following television shows: Spike’s Sexiest NYC Bartenders, Spike TV’s Women of Action, Casino Cinema, Inside the UFC and The Ultimate Fighter.

The sky’s the limit for this brunette beauty, and it’s obvious that she’s having fun along the way. Just take a look at this quote from Rachelle.

“I’ve got this pair of rhinestone panties. It sounds uncomfortable, but I don’t usually have them on for very long.”

Now that’s my kind of woman.

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